With a focus on transitional space this object is designed to explore thin long spaces, specifically corridors and thoroughfares and the concept of waiting in relation to time. As the body inhabits the object a light is activated creating a boundary. The brightness of the light will soften due to the amount of time spent waiting, constantly altering this boundary. This object uses light as strategy to explore the interior as a temporal and ephemeral encounter. Made of mirrored stainless-steel the object aims to reflect both site and body in order to create a displacement between place and its boundary. Yellow Onyx has been used due to its translucent quality allowing the state of the stone to alter when the object is activated.

Material: Yellow Onyx & Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 1400 x 420 x 1100 mm

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Object A - A place for waiting





With an ongoing intrigue into the arrangement and rearrangement of objects, this piece has been designed specifically for the user. This object proposes one arrangement from a series of possible arrangements that can be created by reconfiguring the object’s individual pieces. Using time as a force for its evolution, this object has the ability to constantly adapt and evolve with the user. This piece has the means to transform into a series of interchangeable objects each time a new piece is added, replaced or removed. Made of mirrored stainless-steel this object aims to reflect its surroundings revealing the unseen. Red sandstone is used due to its softness allowing the object to show signs of wear therefore revealing its usage.

Material: Mirrored Stainless-Steel No 8 finish, Brushed Stainless Steel No 4 finish & Red Scottish Sandstone

Dimensions: 900 x 900 x 300 mm, 700 x 700 x 200 mm

Price On Application