Citrus Juicer by Invention Collection is a new take on a mundane household item. The design dramatizes the juicer’s primary function with its 3-tier design and fountain-like process. By exaggerating the functional element, the piece rejects its past minimalistic representations and instead alludes to the future of design. Citrus Juicer was created with the idea that functional objects don’t necessarily have to serve a sole purpose. The work is made of three separate ceramic pieces including a citrus juicer resembling a classic design, a vase and a dish. These pieces playfully slot together to create a spectacle that celebrates its original function, but by separating the three pieces the work can be utilised in multiple ways. By broadening the functionality of household objects, they become adaptable to our needs and are unlikely to become obsolete. With its unusual design and handmade nature, the design becomes a spectacle and holds more sentimentality than a standard household object.

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: 230 x 360 x 230​ mm