In Metamorphosis cog’s belonging to outdated industrial mechanisms are gradually obscured over time, growing curiously bizarre and calcified. For anything to be correctly electroplated it must be weighed down. Over time these weights grow in unexpected and uncontrolled ways. Metamorphosis simply reinterprets these weights so that they may have a lifetime after their function to industry has been served. By reinventing this normally discarded outgrowth of the electroplating process, Metamorphosis Candle Holders allow a chance encounter to transform the legacy of objects so that they may be restored and retained well into the future. Minerals and materials within contemporary industries can rarely become seamlessly circular. However, copper is one such material and the process applied in Metamorphosis is completely reversible. The electrical current that deposits the minerals can remove them for reuse as well, suggesting a potential way to overhaul the accelerated model of consuming we have come to know too intimately.

Material: Steel, copper, beeswax

Dimensions: Assorted sizes 

Price: TBC