To make something Future Proof is near impossible as we don’t know what the future might hold. Our best guess is to use history to inform us as to what we predict might happen. Throughout history, colour mapping studies have shown the most popular colour throughout human history of art and culture, was hues of Red. Does this mean it will remain this way for the next few hundred years.


The Smooth Cabinet is predominantly made of Steel, which as a material, is infinitely recyclable with little loss to its structural properties. The structure is sturdy and proud - requiring great force not only to fabricate but to also destroy. The glossy coloured surface applied can be stripped away and re-applied in years to come to refresh and renew itself. The style itself both sculptural and unique aims to capture the heart of the viewer who will treasure its curves and appreciate its functionality into the future and beyond.

Edition 1 of 1

Material: Powdercoated Steel

Dimensions: 1240 x 420 x 700 mm