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The need to quietly contemplate is a timeless act, not impacted by shifts in lifestyle trends or the aesthetics of the time. This project explores ways of creating objects that allow for contemplative space. These objects are vessels for stillness, points of focus that allow us to stop and observe where our thoughts are carried. As altars act as a central focus for worship and ritual in many religions, these terracotta pieces aim to bring a sense of ritual to the modern daily life, a moment dedicated to inner quiet and contemplation.

The use of terracotta as a raw material allows the pieces to speak honestly to the viewer, unembellished and bare. The pieces stripped of decoration allow the forms to withstand shifting trends, becoming pieces that can be treasured and passed on to loved ones over time. Each piece can sit alone, as a series, or as a mantel for special items, making them adaptable to the individual and the spaces they inhabit.

Material: Terracotta clay

Price On Application