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For design to be future proofed, emotional values of objects can not be ignored. If an object gives us a positive emotional response then this emotion is to be tied to our memories. The object will become part of daily life over the time of its possession, and it can not only be consumed as an object. Our emotion is a product of our memories and that means looking at the past is equal to looking at the future. Meguri undertakes the common ideas from lamp designs of the past, and reflects their primary figures. Therefore, the aesthetic is familiar to anyone and the form becomes timeless. It is designed not to overwhelm but to comfort. It is designed to be quietly part of someone's daily life.

Megri FTC is a floor to ceiling lamp which features brass fringes as lamp shades. Each fringe gently reflects the light with a motion as it swings. The height of the fitting gives a dynamic sense of space. Available in a range of bronzed brass finishes.

Material: Brass

$3800 + GST