FORM STUDY 1-4, 2021



The world I want is poetic, self-sustaining and functional, a reverence to ingenuity and time honoured practices of craftsmanship. There is a sense of liberation in making a one off or a limited edition piece. It is not intended for everyone. My interest is in making for a person and not a market. This concept embodies my practice that happily struggles with concepts around marketing, popularity and formal ideas of success in mass production. These hand formed leather wall sculptures have been developed as a series of refined prototypes for a future series of architectural fittings. Also more broadly an object series to be built on, and evolve within the studio practice. Made from leather and steel, these sculptural forms have a longevity that can outlast a single life, be passed on and not be constrained by fashion of the moment. Nothing fleeting or temporary, but an attempt something poetic, strong and worthy of coveting.

Price: $1250

Material:  Leather, Steel, Wood